The International Association for Human Values e.V. collects donations for the victims of the flood disaster in Germany

15 July 2021 – Dead, injured, missing, flooded villages, collapsed buildings – people who have lost all their belongings: The 2021 flood disaster has left a trail of devastation across large parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Bavaria and Saxon Switzerland have also been affected. People are experiencing tragedies that can hardly be put into words. And there are still areas where helpers are primarily trying to keep dams intact and evacuate people from buildings trapped by the water. The exact extent of the floods is still difficult to predict at this time.


                                                                                                       source: dpa

Donation account set up

The NGO „International Association for Human Values“, a sister organization of The Art of Living, which specializes in humanitarian projects, disaster relief and trauma management, has set up a donation account to provide financial aid to the people affected by the floods as a first step. 100% of the donations will go to the regions affected by the floods – our team is currently in contact with the local crisis teams to find out the needs on the ground.


THANK YOU for your donations and generority.

Donation account for cash donations

IAHV International Association for Human Values e.V.

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