Our Bank Account

Donation Account (LBBW/BW-Bank Stuttgart):

Recipient: IAHV Deutschland e.V.
IBAN DE44600501010001303720


auch für UKRAINE-HILFE / also for UKRAINE support

(bitte Ukraine als Spendenzweck angeben/please mention Ukraine as purpose)


auch für Traumarelief Syrien-Türkei  / also for Trauma Relief Syria-Turkey

(bitte HRE Traumarelief als Spendenzweck angeben /
please mention HRE trauma relief projects Syria/Turkey as purpose)



Donate via Credit Card / Debit Card

Donations are tax deductible for taxpayers in Germany as part of their income tax return. According to a simplification rule for donations, since January 2021 the German tax offices accept the deposit slip, bank statement or credit card statement as a donation receipt for donations up to EUR 300. Of course, this receipt must show that it is a donation for IAHV, together with a “non-profit form”. (Download here)  IAHV non-profit certificate
A formal donation certificate is required for donations over 300 Euros. To be able to issue this, we need your full address details.