Prison SMART now in Berlin

We are pleased to announce that Marie-Christine Heuell and Anke Aust have been active in Germany’s largest closed-door men’s prison with increased security for half a year.

After 1.5 years of preparation (that’s how long it takes on average to get into jail), they gave the first Prison SMART course for 21 lifelongers last August at Tegel Prison. And with great success! The participants were very attentive, open and got involved in the exercises. There was only positive feedback from the detainees, and one lifelong person said, “I really enjoyed the course and I am very satisfied to have participated. I really got a glimpse into another world and now appreciate life, even breathing. The course helps because you get a different perspective, even a healthy
mindset, and a very clear and healthy attitude for life. “

The prison Tegel has the size of about 17 football fields and is divided into 6 subdivisions. It has about 950 detention places and about 800 employees. This year it will continue with follow-ups and courses in the prison Tegel and we wish Christine and Anke continued success!

Two articles about her work have appeared in “Der Lichtblick”. The bright spot is the largest prison newspaper in Germany and the only one in the world that is not censored. Both articles are written by editors of the journal:
1.)  Page 64: Issue 3/2018
2.)  Foreword and page 18/19: Issue 2/2018